Our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing motion control products and systems around the world, combined with an in-depth knowledge of related applications and industries makes us an invaluable resource and partner for your next project.  We have successfully developed DC motors and linear solutions over the past 80 years and have built a reputation upon our ability to deliver high quality products to our customers exact requirements. Whether it’s a miniaturized solution for low-noise patient care equipment, or an application for a clean-room semiconductor environment, Haydon Kerk Pittman has consistently met your critical needs.

  • Medical Equipment

    Patients and providers count on your equipment to advance patient health. Your development team can count on Haydon Kerk Pittman to provide advanced solutions to your design challenges. For over 50 years we have been reliably supporting the advancement in medical technologies.

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  • Industrial Automation

    A diverse portfolio of configurable and integrated solutions allows us to help our customers solve complex automation challenges. From robotics to AGV’s to food and beverage automation, let Haydon Kerk Pittman provide rugged and reliable motion solutions for your next project.

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  • Laboratory Instrumentation

    Healthcare, pharmaceutical and material analysis continues to drive opportunities in lab automation for expanding global markets.  We help drive the motion technologies used in equipment ranging from compact benchtop units to large scale high speed automation.

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  • Semiconductor

    Semiconductor fabrication equipment is some of the most precise, high speed and reliable automation equipment in industry today. We design, produce and globally support the advanced motion components and sub-systems required to give your equipment a competitive edge.

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  • Transportation

    From bicycle rental kiosks to transit bus automatic door systems, Haydon Kerk Pittman is deploying technology into new opportunities in transportation.

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  • Business Machines

    Innovation in general business machines continues to adapt to market needs and pressures, as do our solutions for the design and application of a wide range of motion technologies.

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