LRX Motorized Linear Rail
The Motorized LRS04 Linear Rail is available with a size 17 hybrid stepper motor developing forces up to 222 N (50 lbs). Size 17 stepper motors are also available with the integrated IDEA Drive. Rails can also be customized in stroke length, lead, screw coatings and nut style. Contact an Applications Engineer for any technical support needed.
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  • Lubrication +

    Kerk LRS Linear Guides optional Black Ice TFE coating.

    The lead screw is made from 303 stainless steel and can be configured with optional Black Ice TFE coating for durable and permanent lubrication. The LRS Linear Rail system comes standard with a general purpose lead screw nut, but for extreme control, the system can be configured with an optional Kerk CMP or WDG precision anti-backlash nut.

    303 Stainless Steel lead-screws and guide rails are corrosion resistant, non-magnetic, and compatible with many demanding processes.

    Black Ice® TFE s a maintenance free, hard coating that offers exceptional durability in all types of environments, with virtually any type of polymer nut. Black Ice TFE coating remains on the screw, offering a low friction surface upon which the nut travels. Rather than acting as a dry lubricant, Black Ice TFE is an anti-friction coating whose surface properties displace the metal to which it is applied. Though it is not intended for use with metal or glass fiber reinforced nuts, Black Ice TFE is bonded securely to the screw’s surface and can withstand abrasion from contamination, rigid polymer systems, fluid impingement and wash down applications. Black Ice TFE can be used in the presence of more aggressive environment conditions, or anywhere reduced friction and a permanent coating is desired.
  • Integrated Drives +

    Motorized LRS04 Linear Rail with 43000 Series Size 17 Motor and IDEA Drive

    The LRS04 motorized rails are available with an integrated IDEA Drive when selecting the 43000 Series Size 17 bipolar motor.
    • Fully programmable
    • USB or RS-485 Communication
    • Microstepping Capability - Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64
    • Graphic User Interface
    • Auto-population of Drive Parameters
    • Programmable Acceleration / Deceleration and Current Control
    • Available with standard motorized leads
    • Available in 2.33 Vdc windings. Contact Haydon Kerk for higher voltage windings
    • RoHS compliant

    For general IDEA Drive Features and Specifications click here.

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    Haydon Kerk can custom-design and manufacture unique motorized RGS linear rails solutions to your equipment requirements. Special motor attributes, rail lengths, multiple carriages, alternate lead screws, lubrication, encoders and integrated drives are just some of the typical adaptations engineered to customer needs. Every Haydon Kerk linear rail product is supported by an experienced technical team recognized for innovation, customization, and dedicated customer service.
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    LRW04B-M0025-XXX = Linear Rail System, WDG anti-backlash style nut, standard linear rail, TFE coated screw, motorized, 0.025-in (0.635) lead-screw lead with no additional unique feature.
    Order number must include dashes ( – ) in sequence as shown above.