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Haydon Kerk Pittman AT A GLANCE

Haydon, Kerk and Pittman are three world class AMETEK brands that supply advanced linear and rotary motion solutions to a diverse mix of global customers.  We are recognized as a leading manufacturer of brushed and brushless DC motors, stepper motor based linear actuators, precision Acme lead screw and anti-backlash nut assemblies, linear rail and guide systems, gearmotors, drives and complete custom automation sub-systems.

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Frese Success Story
    Precise hot water temperature control for on-demand water heating system finds success with Haydon Kerk’s 37000 series actuator

When Frese was tasked with developing a fast-actuated domestic hot water valve for on-demand domestic water heating, they needed to have a fast, accurate, and reliable actuator to move their valves. Haydon Kerk 37000 series actuators and Frese valves combine to create a precise domestic hot water valve actuator.
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