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Brushless Motor Drives

Brushless Motor Drive
PITTMAN brushless motor drives complement its diverse brushless motor family. Brushless controllers are available in many configurations from simple analog single quadrant drives to fully programmable servo motion controllers. In addition to the stand-alone models shown, drives are available integrated on some motors.

Features :
  • Simple speed control and 4-quadrant fully programmable servo models
  • CANopen and USB interfaces
  • Ratings up to 60V DC and 20 Arms
  • Compact enclosures

Part Number
Input Voltage
Current Continuous
Current Peak
Communication Torque Mode Speed Mode Position Mode
BGE3004 12 to 40V DC 4 A rms 34 A 0 to +10V analog No Yes No
BGE6005A 10 to 60V DC 2 A rms 5 A CANopen Yes Yes Yes
BGE6015A 10 to 60V DC 9 A rms 15 A CANopen Yes Yes Yes
BGE6050A  10 to 60V DC 20 A rms  50 A  CANopen Yes Yes Yes
PBL4850E 12 to 48V DC 4 A rms 6.5 A USB No Yes Yes