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DC032A 32mm Brushed DC Motor

The DC032A series brush DC motor is a high torque density model brushed motor designed in a rectangular package. It is offered in 3 motor lengths with continuous torque from 0.027 - 0.034 Nm in a compact 25 by 32 mm cross section.

  • Speeds up to 6,500 RPM possible
  • DC bus voltage up to 48 Vdc
  • Eight standard windings - Special windings available
  • Compact 1 inch by 1 1/4 inches cross section
  • 4 Pole Rare Earth design

How DC Motor Curves are Created and How to Use Them

  • Specifications +

    MOTOR DATAUnitsDC032A-1DC032A-2DC032A-3
    Max DC Terminal Voltage V 484848
    Max Speed (Mechanical)rpm650065006500
    Continuous Stall TorqueNm0.0270.0280.034
    Continuous Stall Torqueoz-in3.84.04.9
    Peak Torque (Maximum)Nm0.0940.120.16
    Peak Torque (Maximum)oz-in131723
    Rotor Inertiakg m20.00000110.00000130.0000016
    Rotor Inertiaoz-in-s20.000160.000190.00022
    Motor Weightg130150160
    Motor Weightoz4.85.25.6
  • Dimensional Drawings +

  • Performance Curves +

    DC032A-1 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    DC032A-2 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    DC032A-3 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    NOTE: All values specified at 25°C ambient temperature. Peak values are theoretical and for reference only.
  • Winding Performance Data +

    Rated VoltageV7.589.5512.
    Rated TorqueNm0.0240.0240.0240.0230.0230.0230.0230.023
    Rated Torqueoz-in3.
    Rated Speedrpm25702690270027302730272027402750
    Rated CurrentA1.
    Rated PowerW6.
    No Load Speedrpm42804370433043104280426042904300
    No Load Current A0.
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.01610.02000.02530.03230.04080.05150.06460.0812
    Torque Constant oz-in/A2.292.833.584.575.777.299.1411.5
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm1.692.092.653.384.275.396.768.50
    Terminal ResistanceΩ1.261.913.004.757.5011.918.829.8
    Inductance mH0.480.741.191.933.084.927.7312.30
    Peak Current A6.
    Rated VoltageV7.589.5512.
    Rated TorqueNm0.0240.0240.0230.0230.0230.0230.0230.023
    Rated Torqueoz-in3.
    Rated Speedrpm30703240333033803350335033503380
    Rated CurrentA2.01.61.310.800.630.500.40
    Rated PowerW7.
    No Load Speedrpm45504660473047304660465046404670
    No Load Current A0.360.
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.01520.01870.02320.02940.03750.04730.05980.0749
    Torque Constant oz-in/A2.152.653.294.175.316.698.4710.6
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm1.591.962.433.083.934.956.267.84
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.9801.462.233.515.578.8014.022.0
    Inductance mH0.380.570.881.422.303.665.859.19
    Peak Current A7.
    Rated VoltageV7.589.5512.
    Rated TorqueNm0.0280.0280.0270.0270.0270.0270.0270.026
    Rated Torqueoz-in4.
    Rated Speedrpm34803480361037603750372037303720
    Rated CurrentA2.
    Rated PowerW1010101110101010
    No Load Speedrpm48904740481049404880483048304810
    No Load Current A0.510.390.320.
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.01380.01800.02230.02760.03510.04460.05630.0713
    Torque Constant oz-in/A1.962.563.163.914.986.327.9810.1
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm1.451.892.342.893.684.675.907.47
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.6801.061.602.443.856.129.6815.4
    Inductance mH0.260.450.691.051.702.754.387.00
    Peak Current A119.
  • Encoders +

    H Encoder
    The H1 and H2 transmissive optical incremental encoder was developed for volume OEM precision motion control applications and has been an industry standard for decades. The H1 is available in a 500 count resolution with index while the H2 is a 2 channel 1000 count device.

    • TTL Quadrature output
    • Frequency response to 100 kHz

    Available Resolutions - - 1000 500
    Output - - 2-Channel Quadrature 2-Channel Quadrature with Index
    Output Interface - - TTL Compatible TTL Compatible
    Supply Voltage Vcc VDC 4.5 to 5.5 4.5 to 5.5
    Supply Current Icc mA 40 max 85 max
    High Level Output Voltage VOH V 2.4 min 2.4 min
    Low Level Output Voltage VOL V 0.4 max 0.4 max
    Max. Operating Frequency fmax kHz 100 100
    Operating Temperature θmax °C -40 to +100 -20 to +85
    Encoder Weight (Mass) WE oz 2 2
    g 57 57

    Connection Chart
    1 Black Encoder Ground Encoder Ground
    2 Green or NC No Connection Index I
    3 Yellow Channel A Channel A
    4 Red Vcc Vcc
    5 Blue Channel B Channel B