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EA057A 57mm Brushless DC Motor

EA057A 57mm Pittman Brushless DC Motor
The EA057A series brushless motor is a high torque model brushless motor designed in a NEMA 23 package. It is offered in 4 motor lengths with continuous torque from 0.47 - 1.70 Nm.

  • Speeds up to 6,000 RPM possible
  • DC bus voltage up to 325 Vdc
  • NEMA 23 package
  • Five standard windings
  • 4 Pole Rare Earth design

How Motor Curves are Created and How to Use Them

  • Specifications +

    MOTOR DATAUnitsEA057A-1EA057A-2EA057A-3EA057A-4
    Max DC Terminal Voltage V 325325325325
    Max Speed (Mechanical)rpm6000600060006000
    Continuous Stall TorqueNm0.470.811.31.7
    Continuous Stall Torqueoz-in66120180240
    Peak Torque (Maximum)Nm1.
    Peak Torque (Maximum)oz-in210370570750
    Rotor Inertiakg m20.0000160.0000290.0000420.000056
    Rotor Inertiaoz-in-s20.00220.00410.00590.0080
    Motor Weightg1200160021002400
    Motor Weightoz43577486
  • Dimensional Drawings +

  • Performance Curves +

    EA057A-1 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    EA057A-2 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    EA057A-3 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    EA057A-4 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    NOTE: All values specified at 25°C ambient temperature. Peak values are theoretical and for reference only.
  • Winding Performance Data +

    Rated VoltageV76.076.0152152305
    Rated TorqueNm0.350.350.350.360.34
    Rated Torqueoz-in5050505049
    Rated Speedrpm60005950600060006000
    Rated CurrentA5.
    Rated PowerW220220220220220
    No Load Speedrpm60006000600060006000
    No Load Current A0.550.390.290.230.19
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.08020.1140.1540.1940.234
    Torque Constant oz-in/A11.416.121.827.533.1
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm8.4011.916.120.324.5
    Terminal ResistanceΩ1.052.163.856.079.16
    Inductance mH0.901.813.315.277.68
    Peak Current A2115118.77.2
    Rated VoltageV76.076.0152152305
    Rated TorqueNm0.480.480.480.460.48
    Rated Torqueoz-in6868686568
    Rated Speedrpm60006000600060006000
    Rated CurrentA6.
    Rated PowerW300300300290300
    No Load Speedrpm60005980600060006000
    No Load Current A0.880.690.440.370.22
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.09360.1200.1870.2270.374
    Torque Constant oz-in/A13.317.026.532.253.0
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm9.8012.619.623.839.2
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.5100.8302.043.108.01
    Inductance mH0.520.862.103.098.40
    Peak Current A332616138.1
    Rated VoltageV76.0152152305305
    Rated TorqueNm1.
    Rated Torqueoz-in140150150150150
    Rated Speedrpm60006000600060004990
    Rated CurrentA127.
    Rated PowerW640670670650540
    No Load Speedrpm60006000600060005160
    No Load Current A0.600.330.270.190.11
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.1000.1800.2210.3210.561
    Torque Constant oz-in/A14.225.631.245.479.5
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm10.518.923.133.658.8
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.3901.161.773.9413.5
    Inductance mH0.371.211.813.8511.79
    Peak Current A452621147.5
    Rated VoltageV76.0152152305305
    Rated TorqueNm1.
    Rated Torqueoz-in180160160160150
    Rated Speedrpm54306000600060006000
    Rated CurrentA117.
    Rated PowerW710690700700670
    No Load Speedrpm52906000585060006000
    No Load Current A0.700.530.410.270.23
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.1370.1920.2470.3840.455
    Torque Constant oz-in/A19.327.234.954.464.4
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm14.320.125.840.247.6
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.3800.8001.313.204.87
    Inductance mH0.611.201.984.807.07
    Peak Current A4530241613
  • Wiring Diagram +

    As viewed from the back side
    Motor Connector MS3112E14-8P   
    1 Phase R
    2 Phase S
    3 Phase T
    4 Case Ground
    A N/C
    B N/C
    C N/C
    D N/C

    As viewed from the back side
    Sensor and Encoder Connector MS3112E14-19P 
    A Thermostat
    B Thermostat
    C Hall B
    D Encoder Channel Z
    E Encoder Channel Z¯
    F Encoder Channel A
    G Encoder Channel A¯
    H Encoder GND
    J Hall GND
    Encoder +5 VDC
    L Hall +5 VDC
    M Hall A
    N Encoder Channel B
    P Encoder Channel B¯
    R Hall C
    S N/C
    T N/C
    U N/C
    V N/C

  • Encoders +

    V Encoder
    The V & Q high performance incremental encoders are transmissive devices with integrated bearing and isolating spring mount. The encoders are identical except for the mounting spring is configured for different motors.

    • Resolutions from 1000 to 5000
    • Differential line driver is standard
    • Frequency response to 500 kHz
    • Rugged mechanical design
    • Good for higher temperature
    • Shielded cable

    Available Resolutions - - 1000, 2000, 2500, 5000
    Output - - 2-Channel Quadrature with Index
    Output Interface - - TTL Compatible
    Supply Voltage Vcc VDC 4.75 to 5.25
    Supply Current Icc mA 125 max
    Max. Operating Frequency fmax kHz 500
    Operating Temperature θmax °C -20 to +100

    Dimensional Drawings

    Connection Chart
    1 Red Vcc
    2 Black Encoder Ground
    3 Brown Channel A
    4 White Channel A̅
    5 Blue Channel B
    6 Green Channel B̅
    7 Orange Index I
    8 Yellow Index I̅
    N/C Black / White Case Ground
    N/C Drain Wire Cable Shield

    Recommended Encoder Data Sheets
    V Encoder Data Sheet pdf

    Alternate Encoder Data Sheets
    D Encoder Data Sheet pdf
  • Brakes +

    B6 Brake
    The B6 power off, fail safe holding brake is a special NEMA23 mount version designed to mount directly on the front of the EA057A motors without adapter. It has a NEMA23 flange and much larger ½” input and output shaft. The B6 is designed to hold a load in position when power is removed from the motor and brake.

    • Holding torque of 0.339 Nm
    • Special NEMA23 face mount with larger ½” shaft
    • 24Vdc

    Applied Voltage Vdc 24
    Holding Torque Nm 0.339
    lb-in 3.0
    Current A 0.18
    Resistance Ohms 132
    Inertia Kg-m2 3.60E-06
    oz-in-sec2 5.1E-04
    Weight Kg 0.5
    Lbs 1.1

    Dimensional Drawings

    DIMENSIONS - inches (mm)
    Model B6
    A (3) 2.250 (57.15)
    B (4x) 0.205 (5.21)
    C (2) 16.75 (425.0)
    H (3) 1.18 (29.97)
    L (1) 3.031 (76.99)
    U (1) 0.4997 (12.69)
    U2 (3) 0.145 (3.68)
    AH (3) 0.70 (17.78)
    AJ (3) 2.625 (66.68)
    AK (1) 1.500 (38.1)
    BB (3) 0.10 (2.54)
    All Brake Data is at 20 degrees C
    (1) Maximum Values, (2) Minimum Values, (3) Nominal, (4x) 4 places
  • Drives +

    Recommended Drives

    Alternate Drives