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Haydon Kerk Pittman has a rich history of providing (electro-mechanical) technology solutions to aerospace and industrial applications for more than 60 years. Each brand leads their field in the development of innovative and well-engineered devices built to exacting manufacturing methods. Now combined as part of AMETEK AMS, Haydon Kerk Pittman can integrate its rich knowledge and capabilities to further deliver integrated linear and rotary solutions in challenging customer opportunities.

Pittman has been a leader of small precision DC motors and gear motors since the 1930’s near Philadelphia, PA. As technology matured, Pittman was there to support new industries in aerospace, computer peripherals, medical and laboratory equipment, robotics and industrial automation. Pittman has become the gold standard for innovation and quality in motion control.

For nearly 60 years, Haydon Switch and Instrument, Inc. has been building electric motors, stepper motor-based linear actuators, and hermetically sealed switches for the most demanding of applications. Located on 10 acres in Waterbury, CT, the company’s ISO 9001 / AS9100* certified manufacturing facility supports today’s most efficient technology and manufacturing methods.

Since 1976, Kerk Motion Products’ has been designing and manufacturing internationally patented anti-backlash designs using proprietary, specially engineered materials resulting in products with high accuracy, unsurpassed repeatability, and long life in a full range of motion control applications. Kerk Motion Products effectively built a strong reputation for precision and quality in leadscrews, patented anti-backlash nuts, and rail and guide systems.

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The Founders, Carl Duffner, Milton Spielman, Walter Poesse, Edward Hoffman, and Victor Lynch, incorporated, issued stock and elected officers. Corporation name chosen was Domestic Electric.

Late 1920's
Domestic Electric moves to location in Kent, Oh. Now headquarters of AMETEK Advanced Motion Solutions.

American Machine and Metals listed on the NYSE: AME
Pittman is founded in 1934 in Philadelphia, PA as a manufacturer of DC motors.
Bill Haydon is issued his first patent "Reversible Single-Phase Induction Motor"

Pittman produced miniature DC motors for Lionel trains.
Bill Haydon Patented DC Motor is used in Submarines, Tanks and Aircraft

New concepts in Pittman DC motor designs expanded penetration into commercial and industrial markets.
Haydon Switch Inc. is formed to exploit new technology in aircraft switches
Haydon patents the Printed Circuit Motor

MCG, Inc was originally established as Tachtronic Instruments providing motors and synchro’s to Aerospace.
Corporate name changed to AMETEK, Inc. and the AME stock symbol was retained.
Three Haydon business's form Haydon Switch & Instruments, Inc. (HSI) to provide switches, counters, timers, DC and stepper motors to commercial applications.

MAE starts production of Stepper motors near Crème, Italy.

Kerk is founded by Ken and Keith Erikson in a Nashua, NH. Starts production of rolled lead-screws and nuts.
Pittman moves to current location in Harleysville, Pennsylvania and expands to 42,000 sq. ft. within one year.

North Carolina plant opens, fourth Lamb Electric plant in the USA. Now produces Pittman Brushless motors.
Kerk receives its first patent for an anti-backlash and screw design primarily used on dot matrix printers for Data General, Hewlett Packard and Compugraphics.

Pittman introduced the line of ELCOM@ high performance slotless brushless DC servomotors. These patented and novel designs incorporate numerous. technological advancements in magnetics and winding designs.

Kerk introduces new nut designs to support the motion control industry. Numerous patents are released of various nut designs.

AMETEK AMS is first created under the original name of Technical Motor Division (TMD), later as AMETEK TIP.

Opening of AMETEK Shanghai operations.
Kerk purchases 30,000 sq.ft. facility in Milford for manufacturing expansion.

Pittman purchases Carson Tech and expands brushless motor offering.

AMETEK acquires Pittman and MA.

AMETEK acquires MCG, Inc a manufacturer of brush and brushless motors, and rebrands under the Pittman.
Kerk acquired and merged with Haydon Switch & Instruments to become Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions.

AMETEK TIP changed its name to AMETEK Precision Motion Control (PMC).
AMETEK acquires Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions.
Haydon Kerk and Pittman are merged as an operational entity to supply complete linear and rotary motion solutions.
Haydon Kerk Pittman introduces the IDEA drive as a stand-alone or integrated package.

Precision Motion Control (PMC) acquires Dunkermotoren of Bonndorf Germany, a manufacturer of DC motors gears and drives.

Haydon Kerk Pittman significantly expands its drive offering to include brushless drives in complement to its stepper drives.
The WGS Wide Guided Slide develops a new standard of economical slides with integrated motor and drive solutions.

Significant capital investments are made in the Milford facility to ensure robust quality and capacity of leadscrews, nuts, guides and rails.

AMETEK PMC changes its name to AMETEK Advanced Motion Solution (AMS) to communicate its growing diversity of solutions in advanced motion.

Haydon Kerk Pittman expands manufacturing operations in Reynosa, Mexico