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Pittman and Haydon Kerk motor lines span a wide range of sizes in brushed, brushless and stepper motor technologies. We provide rapid turn-around for prototypes and production orders. Custom designs and special engineering requirements such as special shaft diameters, lengths and mounting flanges are welcome. If there’s a need for precision rotary motion, more than likely there’s a Haydon Kerk Pittman motor to meet your requirements.

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  • Pittman Rotary Brush Motor
    Brushed DC Motors

    Pittman is the Gold Standard in DC brushed motors ranging from 22 to 83 mm with rated power from 2 to 440W. Motors are configurable and customizable with brush materials, EMI/RFI suppression, bearings, shafts, leads, etc.

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  • Pittman Brushless Rotary Motor
    Brushless DC Motors

    Pittman Brushless Motors are offered in a large range of sizes from 10 to 120mm with rated power from 6 to 2000W and speeds to 100,000 rpm. Similar configurable and custom options available including integrated drives.

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  • Pittman Brushless Rotary Motor
    Brushless DC Motors with IDEA Drive

    The IDEA Motor Series integrates a high-torque, precision servo motor and IDEA Drive as a single compact unit.

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  • Z20000, 20mm Haydon Rotary Motor
    Can-Stack Rotary Stepper Motors

    Haydon Kerk’s rotary motors are built to provide exceptionally high torque to size ratios. By utilizing a patented enlarged rotor with low inductance coils, the motors provide superior torque and continuous, reliable high performance.

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  • 80mm_Haydon_Rotary_Pancake_Stepper_Motor
    Pancake Stepper Motors

    Low profile, high torque for relatively flat spaces...Haydon Kerk provides an advanced, compact, low profile pancake stepper motor with a specially engineered, single-stage planetary gear train..

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