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HKP advantages
  • High precision motion system at any level of sophistication or integration
  • Experts in medical device and surgical tool applications
  • More cost effective than ball screw stages
  • Easily customizable to solve any application challenge
  • Integrated or standalone drives and electronics, including encoders for servo control
  • Fully tested assemblies from a single source supplier

Common applications
HKP offers stage products to fit countless  applications, including optics, life sciences, industrial automation, business machines, and semiconductors. The following are a few of the types of stages in our portfolio.
  Platforms that provide X and Y axes of motion in a cartesian or polar coordinates system where the axes are perpendicular to each other.

Learn more about 2-axis motionread a success story regarding X-Y axis motion for 3-D printing, or watch the Z-Theta dual-motion actuator in action!

  Z-theta multi-axis system  |  SRA series screw rail linear actuator  |  SRZ series screw rail linear actuator  
  Precision linear systems providing three axes of motion. Typically configured with a movable platform and third degree offering vertical lift.
  Linear rail systems  |  hybrid stepper linear actuators
  Provide overhead motion in three linear degrees of freedom

Learn more about gantry X-Y-Z stage motion!

  SRA series screw rail linear actuator   |  ball guided rail systems  |  hybrid stepper linear actuators 

Don’t see what you need? Talk to an Application Engineer to find a solution!