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Dual Motion

The Haydon Kerk™ line of dual motion hybrid actuators provide independent linear and rotary motion in either Size 14 or Size 17 actuators. Each actuator incorporates two stepper motors which can be controlled independently using a standard two axis driver. Dual motion actuators integrate precise 2 axis motion in one simple and compact actuator. 

  • Available in bipolar and unipolar coils 
  • Step resolution of 0.9° and 1.8° degree 
  • Available standard and custom winding voltages 
  • Large range of leads
  • Run using a standard two axis driver

    White Paper: What are Dual Motion Hybrid Actuators and Where Do They Excel?
Some motion applications need axes to deliver both linear and rotary motion. Conventional designs for such functionality are often complicated and bulky. Learn how dual motion hybrid actuators could be your solution. Keep Reading

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Performance Attributes
Series Frame Size Travel / Step Max Force Max Stroke Max. Hold Torque
mm (inch) μm (Range) mm Ncm
35000 Size 14 35 (1.4) 2.5 - 40 50 - 220 N Up to = 101.6 18
43000 Size 17 43 (1.7) 1.5 - 48.7 100 - 220 N Up to = 101.6 53