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Sealed Switches

Haydon's sealed switches are used in commercial jets, military aircraft, military ground equipment, space applications and industrial applications with harsh environmental conditions, such as gas turbines and high temperature research instrumentation. Haydon switches are built to meet stringent military specifications and are re-qualified through extensive retesting every three years. To achieve and sustain such high levels of quality requires a combination of skilled engineering and production teams, special support facilities and coordinated quality control from design through production. Haydon has all of these factors in place and, because of this, our switches are recognized for their quality and robustness by engineers and users throughout the world. The unique manufacturing methods, process controls and quality systems utilized in the production of our advanced aerospace switches are also integral parts of our motor operations. Switch Comparison

Custom Designs
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions' qualified application engineers will work with you in developing cost effective solutions to meet your requirements. We also offer complete in-plant, tool-and-die making capabilities for the fabrication of prototypes, and we can provide in-depth testing to insure that your switch offers reliable performance.

  • Haydon_6100_Series_Environmentally_Sealed_Switch
    Environmentally Sealed Switches

    Environmentally Sealed Switches are designed for applications where high reliability is required in a high or low temperature environment. Combining long life and precise action, this switch is used in a wide variety of commercial and military aircraft and space applications. These switches can perform such functions as indication for Interlocks, landing gear position, valve position and throttle control.

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  • Haydon_6200_Series_Hermetically_Sealed_Switch
    Hermetically Sealed Switches

    Hermetically Sealed Switch's are ideal for high temperature applications or anywhere extremely severe environmental conditions are encountered. Most commonly used on commercial and military aircraft, these switches can also be found in some space applications.

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  • Haydon 7100 Series High Load Sealed Switch
    High Electrical Load Switches

    Single and double pole basic switches incorporate high electrical load capacity, extreme ruggedness, accurate repeatability, and sensitive operating characteristics. They operate satisfactorily under 40g vibration

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  • Haydon Switch Interlock Switch
    Custom Assemblies

    Haydon manufactures a number of Custom Switch Assemblies in single and multi-switch configurations with either Environmentally or Hermetically Sealed switches for a wide range of applications. Various lead wire / connection and potting options are available.

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