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Hermetically Sealed Switches

  • Haydon_6200_Series_Hermetically_Sealed_Switch
    6200 Series

    Ideal for high temperature applications or anywhere extremely severe environmental conditions are encountered. Also available in low-current version.

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  • Haydon_6300_Series_Hermetically_Sealed_Switch
    6300 Series

    Designed for high reliability in extreme environments, including valve limit switches, engine starters, overspeed switches, pressure switch and thrust reverser limit switches

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  • Haydon_6600_Series_Hermetically_Sealed_Switch
    6600 Series

    Designed for harsh environments where long life hermetic seal integrity of the switch is critical.

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  • Haydon Hermetically Sealed Switch
    LC Series

    Designed to provide reliable operation in extreme environments in various applications on commercial jetliners

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