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Catalogs and Product Guides

    Haydon Kerk Catalog and Design Guide
Lead Screw and Nut Assemblies, Hybrid Linear Actuators, Stepper Motor Linear
Actuators, Electronic Controller Drives, Motorized and Non-Motorized Linear Rails and Slides, ScrewRails®, Spline Shafts, and Guide Rails
 Haydon Kerk Product Guide     Haydon Kerk Product Guide
  A brief overview of Haydon Kerk product families
    Pittman Product Guide
  Brush and Brushless DC Motors
     Portfolio Brochure
 Tri-fold brochure highlights Haydon Kerk Pittman product families
     Capabilities Brochure
 Read about Haydon Kerk Pittman's Manufacturing and Engineering Labs
 in this tri-fold brochure