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Fluid Movement

HKP advantages
  • Repeatable, accurate, and precise fluid control
  • High precision with a very fine pitch and extremely smooth motion, ideal for medical devices
  • Reduce errors and increase productivity with electromechanical fluid control
  • Food-friendly advanced polymers and lubricants available
  • IP65 rated construction packaged in a rugged compact enclosure
  • Slotless / brushless motors handle extreme duty cycles
  • Motor customizations include encoder and gearbox
  • Cost-efficient customizations for linear motion subassembly
Common applications for fluid control, pumping, and dispensing

Syringe Pumps – Motor-driven precision pumps using a plunger to deliver precise and accurate amounts of fluid
  Automated, small, hand-held instruments such as battery-operated syringe pumps that are more precise than manual syringes.
    Hybrid stepper linear actuators
Piston Pumps – Positive displacement pump utilizing one or more reciprocating pistons. Common applications include high-pressure cleaning, painting, or spraying of fluid in biotechnology or industrial settings.
  A motor spins the rotary cam. A linear actuator moves a cassette in / out.    
    Size 17 hybrid stepper linear actuator Size 23 hybrid stepper linear actuator  
Peristaltic Pumps – A method of positive displacement fluid movement commonly using a rotary cam to push fluid through a flexible tube. Typically used to maintain separation between the fluid in the mechanical system. Peristaltic pumps are often applied in biomedical applications to avoid fluid contamination. Peristaltic pumps can also be used aside from medical devices to pump water or similar liquids in industrial applications.
  Used when injecting fluid quickly and at high levels.
    Brushed DC motorsBrushless DC motors  
Aspiration and Dispenser Pumps – Movement of a small volume of fluid both into and out of a vessel 
  Microscopic glue drops dispensed to secure circuit board chips in place
Size 8 hybrid stepper linear actuatorSize 11 hybrid stepper linear actuator  |  15mm can-stack stepper motor |  20mm can-stack stepper motor |  MiniSlide with size 8 hybrid stepper motor
  Dispensing products into individual containers
    15mm can-stack stepper motor  |  20mm can-stack stepper motor  |  25mm can-stack stepper motor  |  lead screws

Learn more about HKP’s syringe pump motion solutions! Read about one of our plunger motion solutions at work in a beverage machinery application.    

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