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Can-Stack Rotary Motor

46000 Series Haydon Rotary Can Stack Stepper Motor
Haydon Kerk's rotary motors are built to provide exceptionally high torque to size ratios. By utilizing a patented enlarged rotor with low inductance coils, the motors provide superior torque and continuous, reliable high performance. At rated voltage, the 26 mm motor produces 1.8 oz.-in. and the 20 mm motor produces 0.65 oz.-in. Optional rare earth magnets may be specified for even higher torque. Bronze sleeve bearings are standard, ball bearings are also available.

  • High Energy Neodymium magnets
  • Bipolar & Unipolar windings with 5 & 12VDC ratings
  • 7.5° and 15° degree step angle

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Performance Attributes:
Part Number Diameter Step Angle Holding Torque Detent Torque
Z20000 20 mm (0.79") 15° 0.46 Ncm (0.65 oz-in) 0.12 Ncm (0.17 oz-in)
Z26000 25.4 mm (1.0") 7.5° & 15° 1.27 Ncm (1.8 oz-in) 0.18 Ncm (0.25 oz-in)