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Clean Room


When a clean room or vacuum chamber requires an actuator, it's important to consider not only motion requirements like speed, load, duty cycles, electronical control, and heat, but also contaminants. Unpredictable results occur when trapped gas inside the standard motor expands to introduce unwanted contaminates into the environment. In a vacuum environment, outgassing must be avoided at all costs. Haydon Kerk Pittman's clean motor designs minimize this with low-outgassing materials and a specified clean process.

HKP advantages
  • Materials designed for low outgassing
  • Specified clean process with special cleaning and handling procedures
  • Available in three different clean room levels
  • Custom materials based on level requirements

Common applications
HKP offers clean linear actuators for applications requiring particle control and high cleanliness, such as  medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing. A few examples of clean room solutions in our portfolio include:
  This level of cleanliness is achieved through material changes alone. HKP designs include enhanced bearing and lead screw lubricant, and additional measures are taken to prevent component oxidation on the internal steel parts of the actuator. HKP also incorporates material changes to upgrade the stator, magnet, and lead wires to handle higher temperatures. The motor is individually packaged in an unsealed plastic bag. Class 3 HKP actuators are designed to be low-outgassing in environments down to 10-4 torr.


Actuators in Class 2 maintain all Class 3 enhancements listed above. In addition, components are run through a specialized cleaning and baking process. The assembly area is thoroughly cleaned and all production workers wear special gloves to avoid contamination. All actuators are double-bagged. Class 2 HKP actuators are designed to be low-outgassing in environments down to 10-6 torr.

  Class 1 clean room: In addition to special processes and materials found in Class 2, Class 1 features include individual laminations that are cleaned before assembly, as well as production without cutting fluids. After assembly per the Class 2 process, actuators are sent for an additional round of cleaning and bake-out, and are then double-bagged in a Class 1000 clean room. Class 1 HKP actuators are designed to be low-outgassing in environments down to 10-8 torr.

  Hybrid stepper linear actuators  |  lead screws with Black IceTM TFE coating

Learn more about clean room solutionswatch this video about Haydon Kerk PIttman lead screws being clean room compatible!

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