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DCS4020 Chopper Drive

Haydon Kerk Stepper Motor Drive DCS4020
PLEASE NOTE: The information on these legacy product pages is meant to provide reference data for the products. Please consider alternative HKP product for new machine designs.

Feature-packed driver provides all basic motor controls including full or half-stepping of bipolar steppers, directional control and output enable control. An oscillator circuit is standard on the drive with its onboard potentiometer.

In addition, external input/output signals allow complete remote control of all drive functions. All electrical connectors have removable plugs incorporating screw type terminals.

Features :
  • On-board or external step pulse clock and direction control
  • On-board or external single step switch
  • On-board or external step rate control potentiometer
  • On-board or external outputs enable control
  • Selectable step modes – full or half step
  • Use single power supply for motor and drive
  • Compact size: 4.47" x 3.38" x 1.31" (113.5mm x 85.9mm x 33.3mm)
  • Specifications +

    Part Number DCS4020
    Drive Input Voltage Range
    12 to 40 VDC
    Maximum Drive Current/Phase
    2.0 A rms
    Peak Current/Phase
    3.0 A rms
    Step Modes
    Full, Half
    Motor Winding Type
    Maximum Temperature 55°C measured at heat sink
    Onboard Oscillating Range 10 p/s to 2000 p/s
    External Inputs 0 - 5.5 VDC TTL
    Chopper Frequency 20kHz
    Size 113.5 x 85.9 x 33.3 mm
  • Dimensional Drawings +

  • Connection Diagrams +

    Motor Connector - T1
    Pin # Description: Can-Stack Motor Can-Stack Motor Hybrid Motor
    1 Output to motor PHASE A Red Red
    2 Output to motor PHASE A Black Red/White
    3 Output to motor PHASE B Blue Green/White
    4 Output to motor PHASE B Green Green
    Power and I/O Connector - T2
    Pin # Description
    1 POWER SUPPLY Common Ground
    2 POWER SUPPLY +24 to 40 Vdc Input
    3 External clock input
    4 Internal chopper sync output
    5  "Home" state output
    6 5V output - also optional external potentiometer (+)
    7 Optional external potentiometer connection (- )
     8  External half step/full step control
     9  External reset control
     10  External direction control
     11  External enable control
     12  Optional external single step switch connection
  • Downloads +

    Drive Manuals