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Power off, fail safe holding brakes. When voltage is applied, the friction disk is released allowing the motor shaft to rotate. Pittman power off brakes are best suited for parking brake applications used to hold a load in position, and are ideal for creating brake motor packages for small frame servo and stepper motors.

 Holding Torque  
Voltage Ratio
Compatible Brush
DC Motor
lb-in Nm 
 0.113 12, 19, 2
4, 30
3 holes eg. space on a 0.875 in
(22.23 mm) BC 
DC026C, DC030B, 
DC030C, DC040B, DC057A
3  0.339 12, 24  3 holes eg. space on a 0.875 in
(22.23 mm) BC

DC040B, DC054B,
EC057C, ES040A, ES050A