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Mini Motorized Slides

MiniSlide™ MSA Series
Compact, low profile mini slides save engineering time. Perfect for small lab, medical equipment and optical stage applications. Highly configurable mini slide assemblies offer 2 motor options, 9 different lead screw options, 4 different lubrication options, as well as English or Metric standards.  

VIDEOJoin David Kosewski, Haydon Kek Sr. Product Line Manager as he discusses the MiniSlide™ MSA Series.

See our MiniSlide™ in action. The Pick & Place demo video shows 4 mini slides, two with Size 8 Hybrid Steppers and two with 19000 Series Can-Stack Motors.

   MiniSlide™ with Size 8 Hybrid Motor  >
 •  MiniSlide™ with 20mm Can-Stack Stepper Motor >