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Size 4 13mm

Z-Theta Multi-Axis System
Watch the ultra-compact 2-axis Z-theta in motion!

Watch video Possibilities in Motion: Join Keith Knight, New Product Innovation Manager at Haydon Kerk Pittman, as he discusses the new ultra-compact 2-axis design.

Performance in an Ultra-Compact 2-axis Design. Designed for easy integration in OEM assemblies, the Haydon Kerk Z-Theta offers linear + rotary point to point motion in an compact footprint.  Unlike in-house component-up designs requiring engineering, multiple vendors and complex assembly integration, Z-Theta is a modular “bolt-in” package.

At the core of Z-Theta is the patented ScrewRail™, which combines guidance and linear transmission in a slender co-axial profile.  Haydon Kerk’s unique dual-motion integration with a pair of stepper motors adds rotary (theta) motion in manner that reduces motion system size by 50-80% as compared to alternative approaches, and less expensively than the equivalent components purchased separately.

The highly configurable Z-Theta provides flexibility, value, durability and performance suited for a host of lab automation, semiconductor and light factory automation applications.  Performance is customized through a variety of leadscrew resolutions, available free-wheeling and anti-backlash nut selections, stepper motor configuration options, and optical encoder line counts.

  • Compact co-axial design enables small footprint
  • Easy integration into system design
  • Pre-engineered modular design reduces supply chain and time to market
  • Configuration options optimize performance for specific applications
  • Compatible with a wide range of drive and controllers

  • Specifications +


    ZT04: Size 23 Rotary Motor, Size 17 Linear Motor
    Stroke Length Limit in [mm] 12 [305]
     Speed Limit  in/sec [mm/s]  6 [152]
    Axial Force Limit lb-f [N]
    15 [67] 
    Load Limit (mass) lb [kg]
    5 [2.3] 
    Moment Load in-lb [NM]
    15 [1.7]
    Torque, Theta Axis Motor in-lb [NM] 3 [0.34]
    Nut Length in [mm]
    1.4 [36]
    Unit Height in [mm] Travel + 5.5 [140]
    Width, Mounting Flange in [mm]  2.23 [57]
    Rail Material
    Rail Runout in/in [mm/25mm] 0.002 [0.05] 
    Rotary Repeatability (Open Loop) in [mm]
     +/-0.005 [0.13]
    Rotary Resolution (@6" Radius) in [mm]  +/-0.0031 [0.08
    Duty Cycle    100%

    ZT04: Linear Specifications
    Lead Code
    E1 E2  E4  E6  E7
     Lead in [mm] 0.050 [1.27]
    0.100 [2.54] 0.250 [6.35] 0.500 [12.7]
    1.00 [25.4]
    Nominal Screw Diameter in [mm] 0.25 [6]
    Max Drag Torque oz-in
    TBD 3.0
    Torque to Move Load oz-in/lb 

    TBD 1.5
     Resolution (Open Loop)  in


    Size 23:   57 mm (2.3 inch) Hybrid Rotary Stepper Motor (1.8⁰ Step Angle)
    Part No. A B C
    Stack Length Single
     Wiring Bipolar
     Winding Voltage  3.25 Vdc Vdc  12 Vdc
     Current/phase  2.0 Arms  1.3 Arms 540 mArms 
     Resistance/phase 1.63 Ω 3.85 Ω 22.2 Ω
      Inductance/phase 3.5 mH  10.5 mH  58 mH
     Holding Torque  8.5 kg-cm
     Power consumption  13 W
     Insulation Class  Class B
     Insulation resistance  20 MΩ


    Size 17: 43 mm (1.7 inch) Hybrid Rotary Stepper Motor (1.8° Step Angle)
    Part No. A B C
    Stack Length Single
    Wiring Bipolar
    Winding Voltage 2.33 5 12
    Current/phase 1.5 Arms 700 mArms 290 mArms
    Resistance/phase 1.56 Ω 7.2 Ω 41.5 Ω
    Inductance/phase 1.9 mH 8.7 mH 54 mH
    Power consumption 13 W
       37 gcm2
    Insulation Class Class B (Class F available) 
    Insulation resistance 20 MΩ
  • Dimensional Drawings +

    Please note: Metric numbers are for reference only.

    Z-theta Dimensional Drawing 
  • Connector Pinouts +


    Rotary Motor Connector Pinout

    Pin # Rotary Motor Connector Pinout
    1 Phase 1 Start
    3 Phase 1 Finish
    4 Phase 2 Finish
     6  Phase 2 Start


    Pin # Rotary Encoder Connector Pinout
    1 - 8 Not used
    9 DCOM**
    10 Not used
    11 VDD**
    12 Chan. A+
    13 Not used
    14  Chan. B-
    15   DGND
    16  Chan. B+
    17 +5V 
    18  Index-
    19 Chan. A- 
    20  Index+
    **Connects to EMI Filter Circuit 


    Linear Motor Connector Pinout

    Pin # Linear Motor Connector Pinout
    1 Phase 2 Start
    3 Phase 2 Finish
    4 Phase 1 Finish
    6 Phase 1 Start

    Pin # Linear Encoder Connector Pinout
    1 GND
    2 Vcc +5VDC
    3 Index-
    4 Not used
    5 Chan. A-
    6 Chan. A+
    7 Chan. B+
    8 Chan. B-
    9 Index+
    10 Motor Ground

  • Performance Curves +


    Chopper Drive, 5 volt motor and 40 Vdc power supply (8:1 voltage ratio), X axis is Speed (Full-steps/sec), Y axis is Force (lb).
    The maximum step rate shown for each type of motor is the highest no-load start speed.
    Loading is on Axis with nut.
    Z-Theta Size 4 Performance Curves - Speed vs. Linear Force

    Chopper Drive, 5 volt motor and 40 Vdc power supply (8:1 voltage ratio), X axis is Speed (Full-steps/sec), Y axis is Torque (oz-in)
    Ramping can increase the performance f a motor by either increasing the top speed or getting a heavier load up to speed faster. Also, deceleration can be used to stop the motor without overshoot.

    Z-Theta Size 4 Rotary Performance Curves - Speed vs. Pull-out Torque

  • Lubrication Options +

    Black Ice® and Kerkote® TFE Coatings

    Black Ice and Kerkote TFE coatings are available in some of our actuator designs depending on the nut polymer used.  Please consult the applications engineering team to discuss lead screw nut / TFE coating compatibility.  

    Haydon® Super Slick Greases

    Haydon offers a wide selection of greases designed to meet any application requirements.  Please contact Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions for assistance in selecting the most effective lubrication option.

    Grease Type Chemical Compatibility Temp. Range Comments Cost
    Good -54°C to +150°C
    Moderate Load
    HSS-17 Synthetic Hydrocarbon Good -20°C to +125°C Standard $
    HSS-06 Perfluoropolyether Best -65°C to +250°C Tough Environments $$
    HSS-16 Perfluoropolyether Better -80°C to +204°C Vacuum compatible $$$
    HSS-20 Perfluoropolyether Best -65°C to +250°C High Repeatability $$$


    is a light viscosity, polyolester based grease thickened with PTFE.  It is an economical alternative to premium PFPE (perfluoropolyether) types where low temperature performance is a primary requirement as it provides low starting torque.


    is a medium viscosity synthetic hydrocarbon grease thickened with lithium soap.  It is fortified with EP (extreme pressure) modifiers to increase load carrying capabilities and TFE to increase lubricity and reduce friction.  Rated temperature capacity is -20°C to +125°C. HSS-17 has the highest load characteristics.


    is a TFE thickened heavy viscosity perfluoropolyether grease.  It is designed to operate in chemically harsh environments and provides excellent operating properties for light to medium loads.  Rated temperature capacity is -65°C to +250°C. Standard on Hybrid Actuators.


    is a perfluoropolyether grease developed for use in vacuum environments good to 4x10–13 torr at 20°C.  Rated temperature capacity is -80°C to +204°C.


    is an ultrafiltered version of HSS-06, meaning that the grease it put through a ‘cleaning’ process to remove any particles greater than 35 microns in size.  It is designed for use when accuracy and repeatability are of utmost concern.

  • Customize +

    Haydon Kerk can custom design and manufacture unique Z-Theta solutions to your application requirements. Special motor attributes, rail lengths, modified mounting patterns, alternate lead screws, lubrication, and encoders are just some of the typical adaptations engineered to customer needs. Every Haydon Kerk linear rail product is supported by an experienced technical team recognized for innovation, customization, and dedicated customer service.

  • Part Number Guide +

    Ordering Part Number for Z-Theta Size 4  
    ZT  04 A K  B A  J  A A E1 FY06 
     Prefix  Nominal Rail Size Nut Style  Coating  *   Motor Frame Size  Rotary Motor Rotary Motor Encoder Linear Motor Linear Motor Encoder  *   Nominal Leadscrew Thread Stroke / Unique Identifier 
    ZT = Z-Theta 04 = 1/2 in (13mm)  A = Free-wheeling 
    S = Uncoated    B = Steppers,
    Size 23 Rotary,
    Size 17 Linear
    A = 1.8°, 3.25VDC, Bipolar coils (4 wire) J = 12000 CPR  A = 1.8°, 2.33VDC, Bipolar coils (4 wire)   A = 500 CPR   E1 = .050-in (1.27mm) FYxx = Standard, stroke = xx** 
     B = Anti-backlash
    K = Kerkote® B = 1.8°, 5VDC, Bipolar coils (4 wire)

     X = No Encoder B = 1.8°, 5VDC, Bipolar coils (4 wire)

    C = 1000 CPR  E2 = .100-in
     XXxx = Unique identifier
    E = 2000 CPR  E4 = .250-in (6.35mm)
     X = No Encoder  E6 = .500-in (12.7mm)
      E7 = 1.00-in (25.4mm) 
    *NOTE: Dashes must be included in Part Number (–) as shown above.
     For assistance, call our Engineering Team at +1-203-756-7441.