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Stepper Motor Non-Programmable Drives

Stepper Motor Drive
Haydon Kerk offers a range of non-programmable Stepper Motor Drives controlled with Step, Direction & Enable Commands. These microstepping chopper drives provide a simple solution for initial developmental and production phases of your project. Haydon Kerk drives are supported by our outstanding customer application assistance.
Drives are available from stock and are ideal for the initial and production phases of your project. Haydon brand motors will deliver rated performances when controlled by these drivers.

Features :
  • Bipolar constant current technology
  • Selectable micro stepping modes
  • Ratings up to 80VDC and 5.5 Arms
  • Compact enclosures
Part Number
Input Voltage
Current Continuous
DCM4826E 12 to 48 Vdc
2.6 A rms
Pulse & Direction
DCM8027 20 to 80 Vdc
2.8 A rms
Pulse & Direction
DCM8054 20 to 80 Vdc
5.5 A rms
Pulse & Direction