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EC057A 57mm Brushless DC Motor

Brushless DC Motor EC057A
The EC057A series brushless DC motor is a high torque model brushless motor designed in a NEMA 23 package. It is offered in 3 motor lengths with continuous torque from 0.38 - 0.93 Nm.

  • Speeds up to 6,000 RPM possible
  • DC bus voltage up to 170 Vdc
  • NEMA 23 configuration
  • Six standard windings
  • 4 Pole Rare Earth design

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  • Specifications +

    MOTOR DATAUnitsEC057A-1EC057A-2EC057A-3
    Max DC Terminal Voltage V 170170170
    Max Speed (Mechanical)rpm600060006000
    Continuous Stall TorqueNm0.390.710.94
    Continuous Stall Torqueoz-in55100130
    Peak Torque (Maximum)Nm1.22.22.9
    Peak Torque (Maximum)oz-in170310410
    Rotor Inertiakg m20.0000130.0000260.000039
    Rotor Inertiaoz-in-s20.00190.00370.0055
    Motor Weightg66010001400
    Motor Weightoz233648
  • Dimensional Drawings +

  • Performance Curves +

    EC057A-1 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    EC057A-2 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    EC057A-3 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    NOTE: All values specified at 25°C ambient temperature. Peak values are theoretical and for reference only.
  • Winding Performance Data +

    Rated VoltageV38.
    Rated TorqueNm0.320.340.340.330.340.330.34
    Rated Torqueoz-in46484846484648
    Rated Speedrpm6000600060006000600060006000
    Rated CurrentA9.
    Rated PowerW200210210210210210210
    No Load Speedrpm6000600060006000600060006000
    No Load Current A0.510.380.310.
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.04010.05350.06680.08020.1070.1600.167
    Torque Constant oz-in/A5.687.579.4711.415.122.723.7
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm4.205.607.008.4011.216.817.5
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.3100.5200.8201.232.094.915.12
    Inductance mH0.220.400.620.901.603.603.90
    Peak Current A33262017138.48.1
    Rated VoltageV48.060.076.0121152152170
    Rated TorqueNm0.530.520.540.530.530.530.53
    Rated Torqueoz-in75737775747575
    Rated Speedrpm6000600060006000600060006000
    Rated CurrentA129.
    Rated PowerW330330340330330330330
    No Load Speedrpm6000600060006000600060006000
    No Load Current A0.720.580.410.
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.05350.06680.09360.1340.1740.2140.267
    Torque Constant oz-in/A7.579.4713.318.924.630.337.9
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm5.607.009.8014.018.222.428.0
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.1900.2900.5401.161.962.964.64
    Inductance mH0.170.260.521.071.802.734.28
    Peak Current A4536271814119.3
    Rated VoltageV48.
    Rated TorqueNm0.510.500.500.500.510.71
    Rated Torqueoz-in7270717172100
    Rated Speedrpm600060006000600060004570
    Rated CurrentA117.
    Rated PowerW320310310320320340
    No Load Speedrpm600060006000600060004500
    No Load Current A1.20.840.670.560.340.17
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.06020.08020.1000.1200.2010.321
    Torque Constant oz-in/A8.5211.414.217.028.445.4
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm6.308.4010.512.62133.6
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.1500.2600.4100.5901.563.92
    Inductance mH0.130.240.370.541.503.84
    Peak Current A543933271711
  • Wiring Diagram +

    Color Signal
    Red (20 AWG)
    Phase R
    White Phase S
    Blue Phase T
    Brown Hall 1
    Orange Hall 2
    Yellow Hall 3
    Red (22 AWG)
    Hall +5-15 VDC
    Black Hall GND

  • Encoders +

    Q Encoder
    The Q & V high performance incremental encoders are transmissive devices with integrated bearing and isolating spring mount. The encoders are identical except for the mounting spring is configured for different motors.

    • Resolutions from 1000 to 5000
    • Differential line driver is standard
    • Frequency response to 500 kHz
    • Rugged mechanical design
    • Good for higher temperature
    • Shielded cable

    Available Resolutions - - 1000, 2000, 2500, 5000
    Output - - 2-Channel Quadrature with index
    Output Interface - - TTL Compatible
    Supply Voltage Vcc VDC 4.75 to 5.25
    Supply Current Icc mA 125 max
    Max. Operating Frequency fmax kHz 500
    Operating Temperature θmax °C -20 to +100

    Dimensional Drawings

    Connection Chart
    1 Red Vcc
    2 Black Encoder Ground
    3 Brown Channel A
    4 White Channel A̅
    5 Blue Channel B
    6 Green Channel B̅
    7 Orange Index I
    8 Yellow Index I̅
    N/C Black / White Case Ground
    N/C Drain Wire Cable Shield

    Recommended Encoder Data Sheets
    Q Encoder Data Sheet pdf
  • Brakes +

    B49A Brake
    The B49A power off, fail safe holding brake is designed to hold a load in position when power is removed from the motor and brake. This compact 49mm brake has a holding torque of 0.339 Nm (3 Lb-in). The B49A is typically mounted to the motor rear.

    • Holding torque of 0.339 Nm
    • Factory-set Air Gap
    • Multiple Compression Springs
    • Rigid molded friction disc
    • Square Drive Nut with Set Screw

    Salient Characteristics
    Applied Voltage Vdc 12 24
    Holding Torque Nm 0.339 0.339
    lb-in 3.0 3.0
    Current A 0.353 0.190
    Resistance Ohms 34 132
    Inertia Kg-m2 4.94E-6 4.94E-6
    oz-in-sec2 7.00E-4 7.00E-4
    Weight (Mass) kg 0.085 0.085
    Lbs 0.19 0.19

    Dimensional Drawings

    Recommended Brake Data Sheet
    B49A Brake Data Sheet pdf
  • Drives +

    Recommended Drives

    Alternate Drives