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Precision optical motion is critical for a wide range of applications sharing similar needs: they require smooth and extremely accurate movement, often in tight spaces. 
To address these challenges, Haydon actuators are available with captive designs to provide optimal accuracy and nanometer precision. Our miniature lead screws are available in multiple pitches to balance speed, force, and backlash. 

Haydon Kerk Pittman is committed to rigorously testing its products in the applications they're meant for to ensure our customers get the results they need. Read below to learn more about our actuators and lead screws for optical motion.

Focus – Extremely fine movement of an optic to clarify the view in a camera or monocle
Pan – Rotary, horizonal movement of a camera or lens system
Tilt – Angular, vertical movement of a camera, lens, or mirror system
Zoom – Linear movement of an optic relative to another to gain magnification
Aperture – A controllable opening or hole between the light source and an optic
Lighting – Adjustment of light beam, including throw distance, beam output, color mixing.

Common applications

  Linear guide element  |  lead screws 
  MiniSlide with Size 8 hybrid motor  |  ball guided rail systems  |  Z-theta multi-axis system
  Hybrid stepper linear actuators SRA series screw rail linear actuators
  RGS motorized linear rail  |  WGS motorized rail  |  lead screws
Film Production Optics
  Brushed DC motors  |  brushless DC motors  |  linear rail systems

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