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EA057A 57mm Brushless DC Motor

EA057A 57mm Pittman Brushless DC Motor
PLEASE NOTE: The information on these legacy product pages is meant to provide reference data for the products. Please consider alternative HKP product for new machine designs.

The EA057A series brushless motor is a high torque model brushless motor designed in a NEMA 23 package. It is offered in 4 motor lengths with continuous torque from 0.47 - 1.70 Nm.

  • Speeds up to 6,000 RPM possible
  • DC bus voltage up to 325 Vdc
  • NEMA 23 package
  • Five standard windings
  • 4 Pole Rare Earth design

How Motor Curves are Created and How to Use Them

  • Specifications +

    MOTOR DATAUnitsEA057A-1EA057A-2EA057A-3EA057A-4
    Max DC Terminal Voltage V 325325325325
    Max Speed (Mechanical)rpm6000600060006000
    Continuous Stall TorqueNm0.470.811.31.7
    Continuous Stall Torqueoz-in66120180240
    Peak Torque (Maximum)Nm1.
    Peak Torque (Maximum)oz-in210370570750
    Rotor Inertiakg m20.0000160.0000290.0000420.000056
    Rotor Inertiaoz-in-s20.00220.00410.00590.0080
    Motor Weightg1200160021002400
    Motor Weightoz43577486
  • Dimensional Drawings +

  • Performance Curves +

    EA057A-1 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    EA057A-2 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    EA057A-3 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    EA057A-4 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    NOTE: All values specified at 25°C ambient temperature. Peak values are theoretical and for reference only.
  • Winding Performance Data +

    Rated VoltageV76.076.0152152305
    Rated TorqueNm0.350.350.350.360.34
    Rated Torqueoz-in5050505049
    Rated Speedrpm60005950600060006000
    Rated CurrentA5.
    Rated PowerW220220220220220
    No Load Speedrpm60006000600060006000
    No Load Current A0.550.390.290.230.19
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.08020.1140.1540.1940.234
    Torque Constant oz-in/A11.416.121.827.533.1
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm8.4011.916.120.324.5
    Terminal ResistanceΩ1.052.163.856.079.16
    Inductance mH0.901.813.315.277.68
    Peak Current A2115118.77.2
    Rated VoltageV76.076.0152152305
    Rated TorqueNm0.480.480.480.460.48
    Rated Torqueoz-in6868686568
    Rated Speedrpm60006000600060006000
    Rated CurrentA6.
    Rated PowerW300300300290300
    No Load Speedrpm60005980600060006000
    No Load Current A0.880.690.440.370.22
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.09360.1200.1870.2270.374
    Torque Constant oz-in/A13.317.026.532.253.0
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm9.8012.619.623.839.2
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.5100.8302.043.108.01
    Inductance mH0.520.862.103.098.40
    Peak Current A332616138.1
    Rated VoltageV76.0152152305305
    Rated TorqueNm1.
    Rated Torqueoz-in140150150150150
    Rated Speedrpm60006000600060004990
    Rated CurrentA127.
    Rated PowerW640670670650540
    No Load Speedrpm60006000600060005160
    No Load Current A0.600.330.270.190.11
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.1000.1800.2210.3210.561
    Torque Constant oz-in/A14.225.631.245.479.5
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm10.518.923.133.658.8
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.3901.161.773.9413.5
    Inductance mH0.371.211.813.8511.79
    Peak Current A452621147.5
    Rated VoltageV76.0152152305305
    Rated TorqueNm1.
    Rated Torqueoz-in180160160160150
    Rated Speedrpm54306000600060006000
    Rated CurrentA117.
    Rated PowerW710690700700670
    No Load Speedrpm52906000585060006000
    No Load Current A0.700.530.410.270.23
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.1370.1920.2470.3840.455
    Torque Constant oz-in/A19.327.234.954.464.4
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm14.320.125.840.247.6
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.3800.8001.313.204.87
    Inductance mH0.611.201.984.807.07
    Peak Current A4530241613
  • Wiring Diagram +

    As viewed from the back side
    Motor Connector MS3112E14-8P   
    1 Phase R
    2 Phase S
    3 Phase T
    4 Case Ground
    A N/C
    B N/C
    C N/C
    D N/C

    As viewed from the back side
    Sensor and Encoder Connector MS3112E14-19P 
    A Thermostat
    B Thermostat
    C Hall B
    D Encoder Channel Z
    E Encoder Channel Z¯
    F Encoder Channel A
    G Encoder Channel A¯
    H Encoder GND
    J Hall GND
    Encoder +5 VDC
    L Hall +5 VDC
    M Hall A
    N Encoder Channel B
    P Encoder Channel B¯
    R Hall C
    S N/C
    T N/C
    U N/C
    V N/C

  • Encoders +

    V Encoder
    The V & Q high performance incremental encoders are transmissive devices with integrated bearing and isolating spring mount. The encoders are identical except for the mounting spring is configured for different motors.

    • Resolutions from 1000 to 5000
    • Differential line driver is standard
    • Frequency response to 500 kHz
    • Rugged mechanical design
    • Good for higher temperature
    • Shielded cable

    Available Resolutions - - 1000, 2000, 2500, 5000
    Output - - 2-Channel Quadrature with Index
    Output Interface - - TTL Compatible
    Supply Voltage Vcc VDC 4.75 to 5.25
    Supply Current Icc mA 125 max
    Max. Operating Frequency fmax kHz 500
    Operating Temperature θmax °C -20 to +100

    Dimensional Drawings

    Connection Chart
    1 Red Vcc
    2 Black Encoder Ground
    3 Brown Channel A
    4 White Channel A̅
    5 Blue Channel B
    6 Green Channel B̅
    7 Orange Index I
    8 Yellow Index I̅
    N/C Black / White Case Ground
    N/C Drain Wire Cable Shield

    Recommended Encoder Data Sheets
    V Encoder Data Sheet pdf

    Alternate Encoder Data Sheets
    D Encoder Data Sheet pdf
  • Brakes +

    B6 Brake
    The B6 power off, fail safe holding brake is a special NEMA23 mount version designed to mount directly on the front of the EA057A motors without adapter. It has a NEMA23 flange and much larger ½” input and output shaft. The B6 is designed to hold a load in position when power is removed from the motor and brake.

    • Holding torque of 0.339 Nm
    • Special NEMA23 face mount with larger ½” shaft
    • 24Vdc

    Applied Voltage Vdc 24
    Holding Torque Nm 0.339
    lb-in 3.0
    Current A 0.18
    Resistance Ohms 132
    Inertia Kg-m2 3.60E-06
    oz-in-sec2 5.1E-04
    Weight Kg 0.5
    Lbs 1.1

    Dimensional Drawings

    DIMENSIONS - inches (mm)
    Model B6
    A (3) 2.250 (57.15)
    B (4x) 0.205 (5.21)
    C (2) 16.75 (425.0)
    H (3) 1.18 (29.97)
    L (1) 3.031 (76.99)
    U (1) 0.4997 (12.69)
    U2 (3) 0.145 (3.68)
    AH (3) 0.70 (17.78)
    AJ (3) 2.625 (66.68)
    AK (1) 1.500 (38.1)
    BB (3) 0.10 (2.54)
    All Brake Data is at 20 degrees C
    (1) Maximum Values, (2) Minimum Values, (3) Nominal, (4x) 4 places
  • Drives +

    Recommended Drives

    Alternate Drives