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40100 Series Flap Slat

Haydon Switch 40100

The 40100 series is a rotary style switch designed to operate at specific angles. The switch assembly contains two to four single pole double throw switches in an environmentally sealed housing. Selection of the basic SPDT switches governs the electrical characteristics. Optional external arm designs allow for flexibility of installation.

Designed for use as a flap and slat position indicating switch for commercial aircraft, the 40100 series has seen countless hours of inflight service. Its rugged construction, resistance to temperature extremes, jet fuel, hydraulic fluid and de-icing fluid makes the switch ideal for aerospace and other harsh environment applications.

  • Specifications +

    Mechanical Characteristics - 40100 Series Flat / Slat Switch

    Operating Torque

    4 to 8 in.-lbs. (.45 N-M to .90 N-M)

    Overtravel Torque

    5 to 11 in.-lbs. (.57 N-M to 1.24 N-M)

    Centering Torque

    2 in.-lbs. min (.23 N-M)


    10 oz (284 g)

    Electrical Characteristics - 40100 Series Flat / Slat Switch

    Electrical Rating



    5 Amps

    Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

    1000V rms at sea level for 1 minute or 1250V rms for 1 second with maximum leakage current 0.5 milliamperes.

    Contact Arrangement

    2 DPDT Circuits (NC or NO)

    Environmental Characteristics - 40100 Series Flat / Slat Switch

    Temperature Range

    -65°F to 400°F (-54°C to 205°C)


    25 G's RMS


    15 g 11± 1 ms

  • Dimensional Drawings +

    Haydon 40100 Series Flap Slat Switch