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EGS04 Fast, Low Profile Precision Ball Guide

Watch this quick video to see the EGS Linear Rail System in motion!

Designed for Lab Automation and Electronic Assembly customers who need high-speed and highly-efficient point-to-point motion. This low-profile stage combines our patented screw support system, which allows for extended travel stroke without the normal reduction in screw RPM, with a ball bearing profile rail. The motorized EGS04 Linear Rail is available with either size 11 or size 17 hybrid stepper motorsSize 17 stepper motors are also available with the integrated IDEA Drive. The EGS04 rail is also available with a 42mm brushless DC (BLDC) servo motor for high speed applications, with standard configuration of a single stack EC042B with 1000cpr E30D encoder included. Standard carriage option is designed for horizontal loads up to 67 N (15 lbs.), and a long carriage option is available for higher loads. Rails can also be customized in stroke length, motor type, step angle, operating voltage and encoder. Contact an Applications Engineer for any technical support needed.

  • Low-profile
  • High speed capability
  • Efficient, stiff load support
Download EGS Quick Reference Infographic
  • Specifications +

    EGS04 Load Specifications
    Design Payload (mass)
    6.8kg  [15 lbs]
    Axial Force 
    133N  [30 lbf]
    Roll Moment*  3.1 N-m [27 lbf-in]
    Pitch Moment* 5.25 N-m [46 lbf-in]
    Yaw Moment* 3 N-m [26 lbf-in]
    Repeatability +/-25µm [0.001 in]
    * Moment data based on 0.25° deflection

    Size 11: 28 mm (1.1 in) Motor 1.8 degree
    Stack Length
    Wiring Units Bipolar
    Step Angle degree 1.8°
    Winding voltage VDC 2.1  5  12
    Current/Phase A rms 1.9  0.75  0.35
    Resistance/Phase ohms (Ω) 1.1  6.7  34.8
    Inductance/Phase mH 1.1  5.8  35.6
    Power Input Watts 7.5
    Motor Rotor Inertia gcm2 13.5
    Standard motors are Class B rated for a maximum temperature of 130°C (155°C for Class F)

    Size 17: 43 mm (1.7 in) Motor 1.8 degree
    E43H4-V E43M4-V
    Stack Length
    Single Double
    Wiring Units Bipolar Bipolar
    Step Angle degree 1.8° 1.8°
    Winding voltage VDC 2.33 5 12  2.33 5 12
    Current/Phase A rms 1.5 0.7 0.29 2.6 1.3 0.55
    Resistance/Phase ohms (Ω) 1.56 7.2 41.5 0.9 3.8 21.9
    Inductance/Phase mH 1.9 8.7 54 1.33 8.21 45.1
    Power Input Watts 7 10.4
    Motor Rotor Inertia gcm2 37 78
    Standard motors are Class B rated for a maximum temperature of 130°C (155°C for Class F)

    EC042B Motor Data
    Max DC Terminal Voltage VT 96 V 
    Max Speed (Mechanical) wMAX  9000 rpm
    Continuous Stall Torque1 TCS  0.064 Nm / 9.0 oz-in
    Peak Torque (Maximum)1 Tpk  0.38 Nm / 54 oz-in
    Coulomb Friction Torque Tf  0.0014 Nm / 0.20 oz-in
    Viscous Damping Factor
    D  3.4E-06 V/(rad/s) / 0.050 oz-in/krpm
    Thermal Time Constant
    tth  5.1 min
    Thermal Resistance Rth  9.1 °C/W
    Max. Winding Temperature  QMAX  105 °C
    Rotor Inertia  Jr  1.4E-05 kg-m2 / 0.0021 oz-in-s2
    Motor Weight  Wm  340 g / 12 oz
    1Recorded at maximum winding temperature at 25°C ambient and without heatsink.
  • Dimensional Drawings +

    Motorized EGS04 with Size 11 Hybrid Stepper Motor
    Recommended for load support up to 67 lbs (15 N)

    Motorized EGS04 with Size 11 Hybrid Stepper Motor Dimensional Drawings

    Motorized EGS04 with Size 17 Hybrid Stepper Motor
    Recommended for load support up to 67 lbs (15 N)

    Motorized EGS04 with Size 17 Hybrid Stepper Motor Dimensional Drawings

    Motorized EGS04 with EC042B BLDC Motor

    Recommended for load support up to 67 lbs (15 N)

    Motorized EGS04 with EC042B BLDC Motor

  • Lubrication +

    Kerk EGS Linear Guides have Kerkote® TFE on all critical surfaces.

    At the heart of the EGS Linear Rail system is a Haydon® hybrid linear actuator with a precision 303 stainless steel lead screw. The lead screw drives a machined aluminum carriage mounted to a precision stainless steel ball slide resulting in a rigid, smooth operating motion system. The screw is coated with Kerkote TFE coating providing a permanent wear resistant dry lubrication.

    303 Stainless Steel lead screws and guide rails are corrosion resistant, non-magnetic, and compatible with many demanding processes. Kerkote TFE is a soft coating, a long-term dry lubricant that is optimized for softer plastics like acetals and nylons, with or without mechanical reinforcement. Lubrication to the nut / lead screw interface occurs by the nut picking up Kerkote TFE particles from the coating as well as from the migration of the internal lubricant within the plastic nut. The lubricant, although solid, also has some “spreading” ability as in fluid lubricants. Kerkote TFE coated screws provide the maximum level of self-lubrication and should not be additionally lubricated or used in environments where oils or other lubricant contamination is possible. 

  • Customize +

    Haydon Kerk can custom-design and manufacture unique motorized EGS linear rails solutions to your equipment requirements. Special motor attributes, rail lengths, multiple carriages, alternate lead screws, lubrication, encoders and integrated drives are just some of the typical adaptations engineered to customer needs. Every Haydon Kerk linear rail product is supported by an experienced technical team recognized for innovation, customization, and dedicated customer service.

  • Part Number Guide +

    Ordering Part Number for EGS04
    EGS  04 K M 0100 E  S A Axx
    Prefix  Nominal Rail Size Screw Coating / Grease
    * Drive Type  Lead Code * Encoder / Feedback Carriage(s) Carriage Mounting  *  Stroke / Unique Identifier
    EGS = EGS Series 04 = .25 in (6.35mm) diameter screw  K = Kerkote (standard)

    M = Motorized, stepper
    0025 = 0.025" lead
    0039 = 1mm lead
    0050 = 0.050" lead
    0063 = 0.0625" lead
    0079 = 2mm lead
    0100 = 0.100" lead
    0118 = 3mm lead
    0200 = 0.200" lead
    0250 = 0.250" lead
    0394 = 10mm lead
    0500 = 0.500" lead
    0750 = 0.750" lead
    1000 = 1.00" lead

      E = Rotary encoder

    S = Standard

     E = Imperial  

    Axx = Unique identifier 
    (e.g. A01)


     S = Uncoated
    X = No encoder




    L = Long

    M = Metric


    M = Multiple (std or long)

     P = Motorized BLDC
     Q = Integrated drive, BLDC
    *NOTE: Dashes must be included in Part Number (–) as shown above.
     For assistance, call our Engineering Team at +1-203-756-7441.