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Interlock Switches

The INTERLOCK switch is a rugged pushbutton type switch used in heavy-duty applications. Haydon constructs this switch under rigorous quality specifications using high-tolerance materials that provide reliable performance even in harsh environments. The key component of this switch is the industry-proven electrical switching mechanism which is hermetically sealed in a highly protective assembly made of stainless steel.

The Haydon Interlock switch also features a unique, flexible design which allows the operator to adjust the plunger to a specific switch activation point. With a 1/8” pre-travel - 1/2” total travel, the Interlock switch gives engineers flexibility, latitude and desirable mechanical options. The Haydon Interlock switch is available with various mounting configurations and a variety of contact ratings ranging from 5 amperes at 28 VDC to 10 milliamps at 30 mV.

The switches are tested under severe conditions including humidity, moisture, rain, icing, high/low temperature, vibration and shock. Applications include heavy cargo doors used by aircraft, water or land transport vehicles and/or industries that require heavy-duty door or hatch switching capability.

  • Specifications +

    Mechanical Characteristics - INTERLOCK SWITCHES

    Maximum Operating Force

    7 lbs. (31.14 N)

    Minimum Release Force

    1 lbs. (4.45 N)


    .125" (3.18 mm)


    3 oz (85 g)

    Electrical Characteristics - INTERLOCK SWITCHES

    Electrical Rating

    28VDC/115VAC, 400 Hz


    .25 Amps

    Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

    1000V rms at sea level for 1 minute or 1250V rms for 1 second with maximum leakage current 0.5 milliamperes. Can be supplied to meet 1500V rms withstand voltage with reduction in life.

    Contact Arrangement

    SPST (N.O)

    Environmental Characteristics - INTERLOCK SWITCHES

    Temperature Range

    -65°F to 250°F (-54°C to 121°C)


    100g for 6 ± 1 ms


    10 - 2000 Hz 20g peak

    Ambient Pressure

    Sea Level to +50,000 ft (15 Km) Alt.

  • Dimensional Drawings +

    Haydon Interlock Switch