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B49A Brake

B49A Brake
B49A Brake
Designed to hold a load in position when power is removed from the motor and brake, the B49A power off, fail safe holding brake is typically mounted to the motor rear. This brake has a holding torque of 3 lb-in. PLEASE NOTE: Brakes are not sold separately, only sold with our motors.

– Factory-set precision air gap
– Rigid molded friction disk
– High rate compression spring
– Square drive nut with set screw

Compatible Motors:


3 holes eq. space on a 0.875 in 22.23 mm) BC

  • Specifications +

    Data Units 12V  24V 
    Applied Voltage VDC  12 24
    Static Holding Torque
    lb-in  3
    Nm  0.339
    Current Amps 0.353  0.1901
    Resistance Ohms 34  132
    Hub and Disc Inertia
    oz-in-sec2  7.0 x10-5
    kg-m2  4.94E-2
    Weight oz  3
     g  85

  • Dimensional Drawings +