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EC083A 83mm Brushless DC Motor

EC083A 83 mm Brushless Motor
The EC083A series brushless DC motor is a high torque model brushless motor designed in a NEMA 34 package. It is offered in 6 motor lengths with continuous torque from 0.9 - 2.1 Nm.

  • Speeds up to 6,000 RPM
  • DC bus voltage up to 325 Vdc
  • NEMA 34 package
  • Capable of 24V Vdc bus systems
  • 8 Pole neodymium design

Pittman Express Motor Calculator Tutorial

How Motor Curves are Created and How to Use Them

  • Specifications +

    MOTOR DATAUnitsEC083A-1EC083A-2EC083A-3EC083A-4EC083A-5EC083A-6
    Max DC Terminal Voltage V 325325325325325325
    Max Speed (Mechanical)rpm600060006000600060006000
    Continuous Stall TorqueNm0.921.
    Continuous Stall Torqueoz-in130200240270310310
    Peak Torque (Maximum)Nm2.
    Peak Torque (Maximum)oz-in410640740830970970
    Rotor Inertiakg m20.0000680.00010.000120.000160.00020.00024
    Rotor Inertiaoz-in-s20.00960.0140.0180.0220.0290.034
    Motor Weightg140020002500300035004100
    Motor Weightoz507088110120140
  • Dimensional Drawings +

  • Performance Curves +

    EC083A-1 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    EC083A-2 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    EC083A-3 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    EC083A-4 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    EC083A-5 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    EC083A-6 Speed Torque Performance Curve

    S.O.A.C. = Safe Operating Area for Continuous duty

    NOTE: All values specified at 25°C ambient temperature. Peak values are theoretical and for reference only.
  • Winding Performance Data +

    Rated VoltageV60.076.096.0152305305
    Rated TorqueNm0.800.810.810.790.780.78
    Rated Torqueoz-in110110120110110110
    Rated Speedrpm600060006000600060006000
    Rated CurrentA312318129.96.3
    Rated PowerW500510510500490490
    No Load Speedrpm600060006000600060006000
    No Load Current A0.970.710.550.390.310.20
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.02940.04050.05160.07360.09210.143
    Torque Constant oz-in/A4.175.737.3010.413.020.3
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm3.084.245.407.719.6415.0
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.04000.07000.1100.2400.3700.920
    Inductance mH0.140.260.430.881.393.34
    Peak Current A1108163423622
    Rated VoltageV76.076.0152152305305
    Rated TorqueNm1.
    Rated Torqueoz-in180180180180170170
    Rated Speedrpm600060006000600060006000
    Rated CurrentA2318129.86.35.1
    Rated PowerW780790780780770760
    No Load Speedrpm600060006000600060006000
    No Load Current A0.650.510.330.280.180.15
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.06060.07720.1210.1430.2220.269
    Torque Constant oz-in/A8.5910.917.220.331.438.1
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm6.358.0812.715.023.228.2
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.08000.1300.3100.4401.071.65
    Inductance mH0.330.541.351.894.476.71
    Peak Current A846642362318
    Rated VoltageV76.096.0152305305
    Rated TorqueNm1.
    Rated Torqueoz-in170170170170170
    Rated Speedrpm60006000600060006000
    Rated CurrentA271813118.9
    Rated PowerW740750760750760
    No Load Speedrpm60006000600060006000
    No Load Current A1.40.860.630.530.43
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.05070.07970.1090.1300.159
    Torque Constant oz-in/A7.1811.315.418.522.6
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm5.318.3511.413.716.7
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.04000.1000.1800.2600.410
    Inductance mH0.170.420.781.131.69
    Peak Current A12075544536
    Rated VoltageV76.076.0152152305305
    Rated TorqueNm1.
    Rated Torqueoz-in190190180190180180
    Rated Speedrpm600060006000600060006000
    Rated CurrentA2216118.15.44.4
    Rated PowerW840830820840820810
    No Load Speedrpm600060006000600060006000
    No Load Current A1.10.730.510.370.260.21
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.07020.09640.1400.1930.2810.341
    Torque Constant oz-in/A9.9413.719.927.339.848.3
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm7.3510.114.720.229.435.7
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.07000.1200.2600.4801.041.60
    Inductance mH0.260.491.051.984.206.23
    Peak Current A936948332319
    Rated VoltageV76.096.0121152305305
    Rated TorqueNm1.
    Rated Torqueoz-in180190190200190230
    Rated Speedrpm600060006000600060006000
    Rated CurrentA241917129.76.9
    Rated PowerW7908408608908601000
    No Load Speedrpm600060006000600060006000
    No Load Current A1.41.10.920.640.520.32
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.06340.08450.09510.1370.1690.274
    Torque Constant oz-in/A8.9812.013.519.523.938.8
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm6.648.859.9614.417.728.7
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.04000.07000.1000.1900.2900.940
    Inductance mH0.170.300.380.811.223.24
    Peak Current A1209078574529
    Rated VoltageV76.076.0152152305305305
    Rated TorqueNm1.
    Rated Torqueoz-in190200190190190190180
    Rated Speedrpm6000600060006000600060006000
    Rated CurrentA2824108.
    Rated PowerW860890830840840840800
    No Load Speedrpm6000600060006000600060006000
    No Load Current A1.61.30.590.480.390.300.21
    Torque Constant Nm/A0.05880.07060.1530.1880.2350.3060.442
    Torque Constant oz-in/A8.339.9921.626.633.343.362.6
    Voltage ConstantV/krpm6.167.3916.019.724.63246.3
    Terminal ResistanceΩ0.04000.05000.2000.3500.5400.9002.06
    Inductance mH0.130.190.911.382.153.647.78
    Peak Current A1301105142332617
  • Wiring Diagram +

    Color Signal
    Red Phase R
    White Phase S
    Black Phase T
    Bare Case Ground

    Note: EC083A Z-Series Commutation Encoder. See Encoder section for wire color and signal designations.
  • Encoders +

    Z Encoder
    The Z Series incremental encoders represents state of the art in ASIC sensor technology. This technology requires fewer components thereby increasing product quality while providing improved precision from a smaller package. Additionally, the precision of the commutation channels is superior to that typically achieved with Hall signals resulting in improved system performance. These units are factory mounted on PITTMAN dc motors and aligned to the motor’s electrical properties which allows “drop-in” replacement capability without the need to “initialize” each new motor. Connections to the encoder are made through the motor’s 16 pin connector referenced below.

    • Output Channels- Incremental A, B, C, & Commutation U, V, W
    • Differential Line Drivers – all 6 Channels
    • Commutation for 4 & 8 Pole Motors
    • Power Requirement – 200mA @5VDC
    • 500KHz Operating Frequency – All Channels
    • Inertia – 0.00015 oz-in-sec2
    • RoHS Compliant to EU Directive 2002/95/EC
    • Factory Installed Only

    Available Resolutions - - 1000 2000
    Output - - 2-Channel Quadrature with index 2-Channel Quadrature with Index
    Output Interface - - TTL Compatible TTL Compatible
    Differential Line Driver

    Yes Yes
    Commutation Poles

    8 pole 8 pole
    Supply Voltage Vcc VDC 4.75 to 5.25 4.75 to 5.25 
    Supply Current Icc mA 200 max 200 max
    Max. Operating Frequency fmax kHz 500 500
    Operating Temperature θmax °C -20 to +100 -20 to +100

    Dimensional Drawings

    Connection Chart
    PIN Color Signal
    1 Red
    2  Brown Channel A
    3  Blue Channel B
    4  Orange Index I
    5  Violet Output U
    6  White/Brown Output V
    7  White/Orange Output W
    8  White/Black Case Ground
    9  Black Common
    10  White Channel A̅
    11  Green Channel B̅
    12  Yellow Index I̅
    13  Grey Output U̅
    14  White/Red Output V̅
    15  White/Yellow Output W̅
    16  Bare Cable Shield

    Recommended Encoder Data Sheets
    Z Encoder Data Sheet pdf

    Alternate Encoder Data Sheets
    C Encoder Data Sheet pdf
  • Drives +

    Recommended Drives
  • Integrated Drives +

    EC083A Series with Integrated Drive
    The EC083A series brushless motor is available with an integrated drive for direct operation off a 120 VAC supply. The EC083A is an excellent choice for both power transmission and simple velocity control applications. It is offered in 1/4 and 1/3 HP ratings with continuous torques from 0.073 to 1.5 Nm.

    • Speeds up to 1750 or 3450 RPM
    • Line voltage input of 120 Vac
    • NEMA 34 mounting
    • Reversible

    Rated Voltage Vr VAC 120 120 120
    Minimum Voltage   VAC 108 108 108
    Maximum Voltage VT VAC 132 132 132
    Rated Torque1 Tr Nm 0.915 0.734 1.514
    lb-in 8.1 6.5 13.4
    Speed at Rated Torque1 ωr rpm 1750 3450 1750
    Current at Rated Torque1 Ir Amps 2.0 4.0 8.0
    Rated Power1 Pr Watts 168 265 278
    Peak Torque (2 sec.) Tpk Nm 0.915 0.734 1.514
    lb-in 8.1 6.5 13.4
    Peak Current (2 sec.) Ipk Amps 2.0 4.0 8.0
    No-Load Speed ωnl rpm 1800 3600 1800
    No-Load Current Inl Amps 1.0 1.1 1.3
    Rotor Inertia Jr kg m2 9.94E-05 9.94E-05 1.63E-04
    lb-in-s2 8.80E-04 8.80E-04 1.44E-03
    Max. Winding Temp ΘMAX °C 125 125 125
    Direction Of Rotation SE Shaft End Reversible Reversible Reversible
    Weight Wm kg 2.80 3.80 4.80
    lbs 6.2 8.4 20.6

    Dimensional Drawings

    Recommended Integrated Drive Data Sheets
    Integrated Drive Data Sheet