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Southington Robotics Team Visits Haydon Kerk Pittman

Robotics team visit

Waterbury, CT —Southington, CT High School's, The CyberKnights, recently paid a visit to AMETEK - Haydon Kerk Pittman to give a demonstration of their robot, Knightro.  As one of the team sponsors, AMETEK is very proud of the team!

About the CyberKnight’s:

The CyberKnights, also known as FIRST Team 195, is a robotics team from Southington High School in Southington, CT. The team has actively participated in regional and championship competitions since their first season in 1998.

“The team brings a unique experience and different way of involving students. Rather than just playing with robots in an after-school club, these students will be working in a true engineering and business environment alongside professionals”, stated Jeff Emond, Ametek-HaydonKerk Pittman’s mentor and sponsor for the CyberKnights. The team is one of nearly 2000 FIRST robotics teams around the world. Due to budgets being very slim, they rely exclusively on company and community sponsors to keep the program running.

The Southington CyberKnights competed in the Connecticut Robotics Championship in May of 2017.  The field consisted of 35 robotics teams from across Connecticut.  After qualification rounds, the CyberKnights ended up being ranked 1st.  They then selected two other teams in the competition to join their “Alliance".  The Alliance fought through the playoffs without a loss and took home the state championship.

Knightro – 2017

Knightro, the CyberKnight’s robot for the 2017 FRC season, is a fully loaded robot with a rapid firing turret and a highly accurate targeting camera that judges direction and distance.

Knightro is also equipped with a wide, efficient intake to quickly fill its large capacity hopper. The dual pronged gear pickup can retrieve gears from the floor and has automated gear placement.

Multiple Autonomous modes are available based on the Alliance strategy.  Knightro has a fast and reliable climber and is very agile, with a 2-speed, 8 wheeled drive train powered by 6 CCL Industrial Motors.

About Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc.

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January 15, 2018