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Haydon Kerk Supports Security Door Actuation Market with Customized Line of Hybrid Linear Actuators

WATERBURY, CT – Quiet, energy-efficient linear stepper actuators from Haydon Kerk™ Motion Solutions are excellent replacements for loud and power-hungry solenoid valves for such critical applications as Security Door Actuation systems.

With the use of a properly modified Haydon Kerk Hybrid Linear Stepper Actuator, several problems commonly associated with solenoids in security door actuation systems are virtually eliminated.  These include loud actuation and buzzing during operation, spike in inrush current, lack of power and excess heat generated by the solenoids.

With over 200 thread designs and four motor frames sizes below 43mm available, Haydon Kerk can custom design and build compact linear actuators to an end user’s specific force and speed requirements for a wide range of highly demanding and critical-functioning applications.

The modular nature of Haydon Kerk’s hybrid linear actuator design allows for easy customization of the actuator to accommodate custom-mounting configurations, wire egress point, stroke length and winding configuration to name just a few common modifications.  Haydon Kerk engineers also are available to help end users define and customize the ideal linear actuator for a specific application.

For more information, contact: Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, 1500 Meriden Road, Waterbury, CT 06705 Toll free: 800-243-2715 CT & International: 203-756-7441 Fax: 203-756-8724 E-mail: 

About Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc.

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions is a business unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with 2014 annual sales of $4.0 billion.

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions is the joining of two world-class brands in the field of linear motion: Haydon Switch and Instrument, Inc. and Kerk Motion Products, Inc. Together as Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, they offer a wide range of high-performance and precision linear motion products.

Recognized as a leading manufacturer of stepper motor-based linear actuators, rotary motors, lead screw assemblies, and linear rail and guide systems used in niche market applications, Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions has developed industry-renowned brands built upon its technical innovation, versatility, customization, product durability, and dedicated customer service.

Monday, May 11, 2015