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Haydon Kerk Pittman Launches the MiniSlide™ MSA Series of Linear Actuators


Waterbury, CT –
As a world leader in compact linear motion systems, Haydon Kerk Pittman, a business unit of AMETEK® Advanced Motion Solutions division, is pleased to announce the release of our new MiniSlide™ MSA series.

Today more than ever, lab equipment and automation designers must fit sophisticated motion control solutions into compact spaces.  These device makers need solutions that are uniquely suited for their application while being economically priced.  The MiniSlide can solve these demanding challenges while reducing the time, cost, and performance concerns associated with developing guided linear assemblies from individual components. The MiniSlide assemblies are highly configurable, simple to integrate, and offer a compact low profile with a stable platform, all at an economical price point. The MSA series is small in size, but big in power!

The MiniSlide series offers tremendous design flexibility with two motor options: a 21mm, size 8 hybrid linear actuator, and a 20mm, 19000 series can stack linear actuator. In addition, there are nine different lead screw options ranging from ~0.3mm to 8 mm – providing resolution down to 0.001524mm (0.00006 inches) per step, axial forces up to 45N and accommodating stroke lengths of up to 150mm .  Finally, four different lubrication options, a rotary encoder feedback option, as well as English or metric mounting hardware standards are available.

The MiniSlide series provides pre-engineered versatility for a variety of single and multi-axis applications.  By providing a compact, cost effective, and highly customizable linear motion solution, the MSA is ideally suited for use in lab equipment applications such as sample handling, spectrometers and chromatographers, molecular analyzers, optical microscopes, and other inspection equipment.  For more information, please contact Marcia Colucci at

About Haydon Kerk Pittman
Haydon Kerk Pittman is a business unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of approximately $5 billion.

Haydon Kerk Pittman is the joining of three world-class brands in the field of linear and rotary motion. Recognized as a leading manufacturer of stepper motor-based linear actuators, rotary motors, lead screw assemblies, brushed and brushless dc motors, and linear rail and guide systems used in niche market applications, Haydon Kerk Pittman has developed industry-renowned brands built upon its technical innovation, versatility, customization, product durability, and dedicated customer service.

For additional information regarding Haydon Kerk Pittman’s complete line of products and capabilities, visit

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September 22, 2020