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University of Akron NASA Robotic Mining Competition

Akron, OH — AMETEK is a proud sponsor of the University of Akron NASA Robotic Mining Competition Team, contributing 3, integrated drive DC brushless gearmotors.  We are happy to announce that The University of Akron's robot, ROCKEE, came in 3rd place in Systems Engineering, utilizing integration principles into their design process.  The University also placed 3rd in Community Outreach, for helping children in the community by promoting interest and awareness in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. For the final results, they received 5th overall out of 51 teams.

University of Akron Robotics Team
University of Akron - Robotics Team

The Challenge

This year’s challenge was to build a robot capable of traversing a simulated Martian terrain and excavate simulated Martian regolith.  The competition featured 44 teams of undergraduate and graduate students throughout the nation competing their self-designed and constructed autonomously operated robots.  The robots went head to head to determine which machine can collect and move the most regolith within a specified amount of time.

University of Akron - ROCKEE - Robot
ROCKEE, the University of Akron Robot

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June 12, 2018